Everything Obeys The Universe

When was the last time you saw a plant or animal argue what to do next, where to go, what to do, who to see?

Crazy hey! Plants sit in the dirt, grow and die, eat and drink what is given, live and die according to what nature does.

Why should I disobey, considering I do the same as plants and animals (I am an animal), but I have a choice, a will to do as I choose fit. And Nature is nothing if not fit. But I have a choice to live or die, eat or drink, do as I please.

Most plants and animals seemingly live out their lives according to nature or the universe.

Pretty hum drum eh? Who cares? Why?

Everything is supplied by nature. My job is to do my best to fashion nature’s fruits, to use and be of service to nature in this sense, to the best of my ability.

On the scale of the universe, it will help me to realize that I know very little and I need to accept what the universe brings my way: a mate, a place to live, a job, some fun stuff?

I just do my best to accept the way of the universe and do my best each day.

But, I’m not stupid or a jack ass! I know I need to heed the forces of nature and riches of nature. So, I willingly live ‘the good life’, proper use of impressions, and do no harm.

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