Education Is Dead

Like God, the philosophy of education may persuade people to believe virtue is not the soul of the student-teacher relationship.

But there is a sky and stars above that beg to differ.

To affirm the self and therefore others, may be just the beginning of a journey that will travel across to the sun, solar system and out into the wide universe.

Yet, it is early, 2000 years ago, a great teacher, Socrates taught a method to engage us as global citizens.

Are we able to leave self isolation and go abroad?

No, there are no open boarders.

The world is closed for business.

Do you all stop reading because it is a childish occupation?

Don’t let Grima Wormtougue from LOTR take your king.

Yes, it takes courage and curiosity to create a way through closed worlds and even education.

But we are alive and must challenge the status quo to bring back some light that will awake all to live, practice breathing deep, practice physical education, practice a pedagogy that will help wake the dead.

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