“Love me, I am a liberal”

In days gone by, 1966, there are many reasons to be ashamed to be a liberal.

In those days, they proudly proclaimed that Malcom X deserved what he got, meaning his assassination.

People had a Caucasian majority view, in a world with a very segregated view.

Today our segregation is smaller, tighter, faster and fuller.

We see our pain, but ignore it.

We feel and think and believe in ways that are new and bold and enterprising, but we can’t do anything about the antihalation of the world.

Of course,  we can not do anything immediate about our problems, but deal with our own.

So, no more nervous laughter, and do not claim to be uninformed, but I understand the indecisiveness and the denial about the norm.

It is hard to embrace my imperfections.

It is cruel to view all I know.

But it is worse to ignore my responsibility and my duty to work past this problem.

I can’t hide behind my politics.

More than ever it is important to find a way to express problems and find remedies.

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