Anxiety Walk (or a walking meditation)

In this guided meditation, there are some simple rules to follow for the beginner.

  • You must consider any aversion you have to be your friend.  For example, Anxiety is my friend.
  • Like the breath meditation, it is best to do it in a quiet place and at your natural pace.
  • For the purpose of this meditation, I will use myself as the example and call the place my home (in the back garden) and my natural pace is slow because of my high sensitivity and anxiety.
  • I recommend a ten minute time limit for the duration of the exercise.
  • Whatever the distraction, go with it, go with the flow, and gently return to the walk. 

Okay, I am ready to start.  I have set my iPhone7 Plus with a pleasant sounding alarm for the 10 minute limit.

I am walking slowly in a circle.

My eyes are cast down to my feet to avoid needless distraction.

Yet, it is not uncommon for my distraction to be constant anxiety.

I tell myself that anxiety is my friend and when it subsides I return to being aware of walking in my small circle, putting one foot in front of the other.

A few minutes have elapsed and now a thought comes into my head.

It is a writing idea.

Both anxiety and ideas are great distractions for a writer (I am a writer).

I also recommend writing them in my meditation journal.

It just takes a few seconds and greatly diminishes the distraction, which is called a thought loop.

The emotion (anxiety) is called an emotion loop.

As the time progresses, I continue to walk and make brief stops to record my entries in the meditation journal.

There are basically two types of distractions:  external and internal.

It is good to label them.

I generally call them by one of the 5 senses for the external.

Or by the name feeling loop or thought loop for the internal.

The external distraction may be something in the environment like the sight of a plant, smell of a plant, feel of a plant, taste of a plant, sound of a plant.

I am smelling a sweet bouquets and ogling the beautiful plant in my garden.

As the sensation subsides, I continue on my circular walk, one foot in front of the other.

I am now having an internal feeling called pain in my right knee.

As I regain my focus, I can feel the pain diminish or it will remain the same, either way, I resume my walk.

As a beginner, I know it is best to have a teacher or read a good book with instructions and guided meditation.

I have personally chosen a person because I believe people make the best of everything, even when guiding or teaching.

You might consider using a beginning, middle and end to your meditation, after a few attempts.

Or you might want to join a group , until you get the hang of it.

My ten minute alarm sounds and I stop, take a couple of deep breaths and become reacquainted with my surroundings.

It has been a pleasure to have taken this walking meditation with you.  And good luck with your meditation journey.

P.S.  Meditation has many positive outcomes:  deep rest and relaxation, reenergizing the body-mind-spirit, and in my case:  reducing anxiety is the best!    

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