My Top 7 Habits-not, these are my top ten comments

Okay, I stole this idea, but I am not going to answer the question (I stole).

  1. I like to read, write, and journal on the regular basis.
  2. I like to watch what I eat and how much.
  3. I try to turn bad habits into good ones.
  4. I like to work, sleep and eat each day at regular intervals
  5. I like to be mindful.
  6. I believe in doing no harm.
  7. I am a firm believer in no real answers, life is not a habit but it is full of ups and downs and it is wise to ‘be happy’ through the whole experience.
  8. My limits guard my welfare, but due to luck or fate I benefit from time to time.
  9. More times than not my life is a routine, but I have the same struggles as everyone else.
  10. It is fun to list a top ten, might be cliché but I need to get going to work.

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