Psychosis Vs. Spiritual Awakening

Many cultures, especially old cultures, have shamans. Many depend upon these tribesmen to help solve problems within the group.

Could the same be said about doctors in our society?

If, our doctors represent a different path or a continuation of the progress made by tribal shamanism, would it be too far fetched to consider problems, mental illness, homelessness, and drug addiction. Perhaps, our problems are symptoms of more abstract problems like spirituality or different patterns of beliefs.

As far fetched as these may appear, there is much food for thought here.

Our society or individuals are suffering and these symptoms or problems which may point to more important underlying beliefs.

In this light, a think tank or philosopher may study the idea from various points of view.

Certainly, the stigma of our current social problems need to be re-examined to try and uncover better ways for us to help each other.

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