Go For Flow

Hurry up and stop or people sometimes race to a red light.

Keeping a balance in day to day affairs become a bit of a chore or a down right problem at times.

Take a state of mind, somedays rest is needed but work is also needed, other times neither work and one is stuck or worse.

I know myself on a good day, but maintenance is a constant companion.

Besides doing what is best for me and realistically possible, it is much easier when I go for flow.

It may not get done unless I can work out the details.

Sounds needlessly complicated and hard to do.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Going for flow, I try to be grateful for whatever happens in my day: OT, high maintenance problem, people, both and I take care of myself to stay in optimum shape to weather the experience.

Generally, week to week things work out.

Working it out, sounds like the lyrics from an old Doug and the Slugs song…

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