A Man’s Perspective On Nonviolence

As a boy, I assure you, I came across many violent acts which did not escape my notice.

My parents thought I was a gentle child, but I loved sports, tech stuff, reading and writing, people, biking, and hiking and school.

For this was a time for testing and setting limits in all areas of my life.

As I get older, I had a couple of violent incidences that always occur in teenage years.

But as I moved into manhood, I only had one major stumbling block: I became sick at first year university.

This is not a record of my ups and downs, but an outline.

I never really felt nonviolence was necessary when I was growing up because I had everything to prevent it in my lifestyle.

As a man, I read and watched the violence around me and realized how difficult it is to find a way to peace.

Some friends got sick, others died and most of it directly related to violence.

Many men end up in prison because of violence.

This is my reason for practicing nonviolence in all my affairs.

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