The connection between me and now and what I do is important.

True, you concern me, and I am working to make something out of the things I know and respect.

From time to time, I become stuck and I can not move on with the task at hand.

I like to read and write.

I like to slowdown and unplug when I get stuck or tired during the day.

I need to perform basic tasks everyday:  sleep, eat, drink, work, play, socialize and be my best.

I like to exercise ‘the good life’.

Pathology tells me to not dwell on any extreme feelings because they may work me up when I’m in an aggravated state of mind.

Emotional responsibility is all about learning to control myself when I am experiencing stress in my life within my limits or vent and trust myself and others when I need to let go or need to recover form over compensating for my immediate distress.

There are many lessons to learn in life.

Being a human being is always a good exercise.

Good or bad, I am awakening to the idea that my bad self is my good self’s job.


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