Dry Drunk (Emotionally Irresponsible)

You are choosing to stop drinking.

Do you understand how important that is?

What, because I crave a drink?

Or, I forget to buy more?

No! Because you can still decide.

Didn’t you tell me, you helped some people because they were hurting, because they were indecisive?

No! I said they were indecisive to impress a lady I want to like me.


Can you sit here and deny the joy you feel at feeling you are making the right choice to stop drinking when it is harming you?

I am working hard at being a better person.

It must be part of the symptoms of doing the right thing.

I must be feeling good about the choice I make when I decide not to drink.

That’s it buddy.

Now, stick with it.

Or not, that’s also your choice.

Ya, I know.

You better know.

Now, get out of here.

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