The Misunderstood Virtue

Long-suffering is also known (present day) as patience.

Have you ever been caught between an office manager and a Field Supervisor or a friend and a family member?

My goal is to treat others well.

Especially when there are problems, misunderstandings, trouble, etc.

I want to be strong enough to do a good job.

I practice everyday.

I realize my life is part of others in all my affairs.

I don’t count myself or others as saints or sinners.

But we are all ‘messy’ human beings who live the best way we know how to do life.

I congratulate us all for the efforts we make each day.

There are so many people we need to be patient with today.

Everyone uses their patience to tolerate and accept other.

But not everyone can endure the same level of ‘being patient’.

The goal is to develop patience in yourself because it is a virtue.

Need I say more?

We are all moral and virtuous creatures to one degree or another.

We earn it and learn it through living well.

Good luck.

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