Sun Kissed (Tragedy)

Womb shot, thunder clap…

PTSD, vet tried to suicide for the second time today.

Men risking their lives to keep others safe.

Just another 10 year storm reeking havoc on the county line.


Train wreck, rain and wind knock down the power lines, obstructed firemen wait while linesmen try to clear their way to the fire.

All is not lost, but nature’s course is very convoluted and dangerously corrective to all in her path.

Will the baby and mother live?

Does the train wreck create a super nova fire or will they clean it up before real harm is done?


Everything will work out.

A rape has been prevented, but an ex-con violent man has been accidently killed by the victim’s protector.

Years later, this story will be transmitted as a reminder of the truth.

People make mistakes (a killing occurred).

People survive during freak storms, accidents, and mistakes:  (a woman and baby accidently got shot).

Nature is a harsh reminder of the power in this world:  physical forces like storms, gun shots, memories of war and a plethora of other things to numerous to mention.


A flash of light will show more truth than 10,000 words can convey.

A burst of energy sun kissed a day that will be remembered for a generation.

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