Facing The Fear And Doing (Or Not Doing) It Anyway

Fear is universal but what we face is as special and specific as you and me.

Experience makes a good teacher, I claim to whittle down my fears, one at a time, in a way that does little or no harm to anyone.

I am a writer, my biggest fear is a blank page, the undone chore, the next obstacle in my way.

I tend to face my fear and the blank page is a struggle but my writing prompt experience will show me to write something about almost anything from my own knowledge base and experience. When I am open and honest the task of producing a blog entry is never that much of a problem.

This is my fourth blog entry today. I am busy facing other fears today: returning phone calls, going down shopping, going to the Zombie Walk, and getting home in time for supper.

Yesterday, I had to go to a new assignment. I am a cleaner and had to go do some construction cleanup. I had to met and greet the site foreman, assess the job, complete the assignment and deal with logistics on site. I had people problems, working with limited resources. I followed my own advice and did a good job.

The Holiday long weekend is just starting to unfold. Lots of family and friends. I’ll follow and lead and do no harm.

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