Living Well

First of all, to feel good about life is not too important.

(Feeling is the priority)

I feel good about life as a whole.

I also have a hard time doing life like everybody else.

Mostly, I learn from myself and others and I am learning to learn.

I have been known to shy from a risk, but I have learnt to risk it all on what matters is the most important.

I am risking it all on a promise I made for myself: complete my online business.

There are many pressures in life that will change me.

I can not say it will be for the best. But I really need to loosen up about the “good, bad and ugly” aspects.

Life will bring on the challenges.

To rise to its demands without forcing my plan on it will make me very happy.

Don’t change for change’s sake, change because life demands it.

She says, “Here is a risk for you to take. If you do it, you will be happy. If you ignore it, ignore it at your own peril.”

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