[Publisher and Artist], Creative Thinking

In this dialogue, a comical account of a publisher and a writer who are consummating a contract for a new book.

Publisher:  I’ve read your manuscript.  I found it rather creative. But what brought you to our publishing house?

Artist:  I believe your vision and mine are in agreement.  I think my goal is to communicate through art using science to help the public learn to think and dream in new ways.

P:  You don’t seem like a foolish man.  Therefore, I must assume you are ambitious.  Can you summarize your book.

A:  I am nothing if I am not succinct.  My book is my baby.  I am trusting it with you.  She talks about the creative thinking as a science to a school of students.  Many are different types of artists.  Some are scientists.  They are all using creative thinking to produce a practical product.  Much the same way I made this book.  Please, publish it.

P:  You are holding my captive.  Please continue.

A:  Creative thinking is really a science.  In books like the Artists’ Way, she talks about cluster diagrams to build new ideas.  I sometimes use this method when I write from an outline or get stuck doing a first draft.  My baby used this as an example to her students in a hardy method to use when creating a product and using creative thinking.

P:  Where did you do your research on creative thinking, besides the Artists’ Way.  I assume you have read the book.

A:  Yes, and Creative Thinking by J.G. Bennet.  Who was a scientist with cultish bent for activities about creative thinking.

P:  Can you polish up this rewrite I made of your first chapter and have it back in a week?

A:  Surely.

P:  Here is a standard contract for your book.  Read it.  Sign it.  Hand it in with the rewrite.

A:  Absolutely.

P:  Here is an advance cheque for $1000.00.  I hope it quenches your thirst for all that ambition you hold.

A:  Thank you.

P:  You are very welcome.

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