[Pro, Amateur], Tennis

In this dialogue, two tennis players talk about their game.  She won.  And he lost.  He is the winner of the top athletic award in his high school.  She is an Olympic qualifying athlete.  She may be a little older and more mature, but they learn a lot from each other playing the game.

Pro:  You rocked when you made those two-handed backhands.  Jim.  Jim.

Amateur:  It was great that you asked me if I wanted to play a game.

P:  Ya, well, you might want to work on your 1st serve.  And I’d like to play again but I’m going to summer camp tomorrow.  But, I meant it when I said you have a good return serve.

A:  Why do you want to play against a younger man?

P:  Because I am struggling to develop upper body strength, stamina, and aggressive play.  You can challenge me in all these areas of my game.  Why do you want to play me?

A:  Really, I mean, I was here playing and you asked me.

P:  Really.  Well, if that’s your answer.

A:  Okay, you are hot and I just wanted to have an excuse to see you.

P:  Good answer.  And I am hot.  But, I am going to tennis camp tomorrow.  So I really need to go.  Nice game.

A: Thanks

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