[History, Herstory], A Method To Their Madness

In this dialogue, the myth of a better way is exploited by the two principle players.  Yet, as with the idea of the old cliché, sometimes it is more important to do than to believe.  Each of us has a body and mind to guide us on this journey we call life.  It is not always proper to spell out the differences based on what we say and do.  It is easy to be mislead by belief, desires, and even passion.  But they all influence our choices, actions, and even belief.  It may seem simplistic to say each to their own, but the truth does not lie.  And somewhere in there we can begin to be a better person.

History:  One must have a laser focus and use the best method.

Herstory:  What do you mean?  Tell me, or show me, if you must.

His:  Aristotle had some amazing ideas, but until Ptolemy and other Aristotle disciples can see past their noses, I can not see anyone progressing much beyond this ‘fire and brimstone’ way of being.

Hers:  Being human is a messy business.  We fight over life itself.  We must live, love, laugh?

His:  I propose a reexamining of history based on the method used by the great philosophers.  This way, we can stay the course till we find a firm footing on belief or way.

Hers:  I believe you (I believe you believe you).  In which method, there are many methods or at least there are more methods than we use at present.

His:  I realize the scientific method has sent us too far down the road.  One needs compassion, the east has shown us that we need manners and methods and compassion.

Hers:  These seem to go out the window during a fight.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

His:  A good fight wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Hers:  Rape?

His:  Death.

Hers:  War?  Peace?  Pestilence?

His:  Morals and ethics?

Hers:  There lies the rub.  What is the solution?

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