[Reader1 and Reader2], Poetry Reader

In this dialogue, the poets talk about how to read and come to a natural conclusion.

R1:  There is no proper way.

R2:  Yes there is.  One, there is no better way, but my opinion is that all poetry is meant to be read aloud.  Two, it should be memorized and written down by the reader to aid with the pleasure of reading it.  There is no proper interpretation, but my own.  In the sense, that is my experience with the poem.

R1:  What about singing, can a poem be more than a nursery rhyme?

R2:  Of course, Vincent by Don McLean is a very good poem.  And I find it easier to remember and more enjoyable because the poem is embedded in a piece of music or a song.

R1:  I think everyone is a poet and they don’t know it.

R2:  Why?

R1:  Because the more you do it the better you get.  Most people do it without knowing it.  I could get into the how’s and why’s but this simple dialogue or chit chat makes us some kind of writer.

R2:  Okay, score a point for you.


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