[The Old Boy and The Young Boy]; Stoics

This is a story or a dialogue about the age old advice of a student and teacher.  Each have their merits but are stuck in a role that may make grey issues harder to understand.  In this spirit, I imagine what Epictetus might say to his student Arrian.  

Epictetus:  So, who said it is good to record the past.  And why should we give a man a cheat sheet?

Arrian:  I do you great honour and respect by putting down renderings of your lectures.  People will want to recall all your good work.  And yes, I know you do not approve of my scribbling.

E:  Who am I to interfere in your noble calling to record all my lectures.  Do you still write about your lectures?

A:  I record them everyday.

E:  I think that you make more fiction than fact.  You must be the judge of all you see and hear.  Infact, you must write about all your senses and experiences.  This is done by examining the lectures from your point of view.  I call it journaling.

A:  I journal about my problem by writing about your lectures.

E:  Stop writing the book.  Spend time journaling about your day.  Bring your journal to me the next day.  Good bye.

A:  Here is my journal.

E:  Excellent.

A:  It is just a scrap about my day, what I felt about the lectures, my problems, etc.

E:  Excellent, do it again, and again:  give up writing your book!

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