Going To The Moon

We had a dream to be on the big round satellite that orbits the earth.

It seems almost unattainable to people like you and me.

Yet, we have returned to the moon on other manned trips.

We are planning to return again and again…

Some of us want to travel, outwards like ‘Voyager’, beyond the solar system.

As of yet, we have not taken any of us to our next planned trip to mars.

Yes, there are stories, in our literature of trips to mars, but all seem remote and uninteresting to some of us.

But what would have happened if those who dream hadn’t started us on trips across the seas:  Christopher Columbus.

There are high flung ideas that speak to the notions of being out to sea, travelling on a jet plane.

Who amongst us will travel on a space ship?

To be a universal citizen will take more cooperation to pursue than being a citizen of the world.

To be on another planet will take more ambition and direction than going to the moon.

To be out beyond the solar system doesn’t even seem possible to most of us today.

But we made it to the moon, and we will return:  someday.

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