….Teach A Man (Person) To Fish

This can be simplified down to learning how to learn.

Being a life long student ensures the person to pick up whatever skill makes life worth living well.

Another truth is the simpler the better:  it is always the lowest common denominator that leads to the answer of the problem.

Seeking to understand, one can combine the student and the teacher with the facts or lowest common denominator.

If you really want to help refine your understanding, teach it to someone else and do so in the clearest straightforward way.

Also, be your own observer or stand beside yourself .

By listening to yourself you truly get to know yourself.

And a couple of finer points are to be your own best friend and keep a regular journal.

By being your own best friend you learn to be well even when you might otherwise be too hard on yourself.

A journal helps record the facts and express yourself in the moment.

Once you get to know yourself better, you can refine all these ideas or customize your teaching and learning methods.

Work and play will make every ‘fisherman’ a life full of prosperity.

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