Sister’s Seeing (clean cut and ready to move forward)

The emerging Canadian woman is getting a good chance to live in the big city.

Many mother`s have passed on their passion and love of education to young women finishing up school to take their place of value beside their partners or young men, who have a more privileged place in our society.

This woman is starting to look around at the situation and wants a better position to live the life she knows is hers to earn.

She wants a career, a man, a family, a community and children.  She will get power to do all those things and more.  If she doesn’t get it soon, she is going to go nuts.

It’s hard to place her with her social media and education because she is emerging into sports, arts, music, and more.  She is traveling and getting support from her mother, father, extended family and friends.

She sees everything and does it all but she needs more power.  She sees it and wants it and is getting ready to risk everything to get it.

She likes getting the power to be equal and able to do her best with his best.  And she likes to fit everyone, family, friends, community with her vision for well being.  She is strong.

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