Brother’s Being

Mr Van Peebles in “Baadasssss”!

Celebrating black culture is “truth and beauty”.

Can Canada really celebrate our differences?

We don’t need any ‘hate spin’ about anyone.


People are from every background, every place, and every bit a human being.

The way to be is not going to be straight and narrow.

Being here, now is definately a mixed bag of tricks.

Finding our way through all these difficulties will not be done together.


No one said, “Earning majority rights was going to be as easy as earning minority rights.”

Minority rights aren’t easy to earn.

Scarry stuff happens around shaking up the status quo.

New behaviour is being choosen over old behaviour.


The change that is necessary to treat us all equal and able requires a distrubution of power in a democratic way.

Some people that don’t like the idea will kick up a fuss.

A way for the people by the people is not as easy as it is cracked up to be.

The ideal is to do no harm, the reality is that harm is a need when enough people change and aquire new power (mistakes occur with change).

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