Let It Be (The Riddle Of Life)

Meaning has a past, present and future.

Happiness is only found in the present.

Being happy seems to be more the profitable of the two.

Yet, meaning allows one to be.

If, I could take all the riches in the world, I would give them away to pursue a life of meaning and receive my riches in that way.

Yet again, a balance will bring true well-being.  To be willing and able, to give and take in good measure, surely this is a fable worth the telling?

He took his nourishment by giving everything he was able.  He gave his time, energy, knowledge, love and pursuit to those he met and to what was there.

He may not have been happy all the time, but he did not take life or loose his own.

Some say, he had an immortal soul:  be free, be full of life, and be ready to ‘seize the day’.

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