Is it me, or are the days getting shorter?

It seems like I’m always busy and time flies.

What is time?

Can you see it?  or does it relate to space?

Is there a physical relationship between the rate of time (the constant or speed of light squared), energy and mass:  E=mc².

The physics is real but hard to believe.  It is so abstract in the physical sense of time.

We measure time with duration, as in with the use of a clock or stopwatch.

We can see it in the cycles of nature:  the sun rising and falling, the moon moving from quarter, half, full and new moon, the year being the earth going around the sun.

But even the relationship of these various cycles of the planet, moon and sun, it is still an abstract notion to think and see and understand.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’, what is time?

We need a better sense of time.  We need to touch, and feel and see it.  the same way we see mass and space.  Time appears to be invisible like the wind.  The only indication of time are slow to appear like the wrinkles of old age.

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