Urban Yogis, Work, Loss, Comedy

It seems funny to talk about ‘Urban Yogis’.  Many people in the city are being exposed to stuff from teachers who expound on a way to live a good life.

There is a lot of work expected from people who live and believe in the 1st world culture.  And the sub culture of stress relief has found the student-teacher -urban-yogis as an answer, a support for many people.

I lost my mentor, teacher-student relationship about 20 years ago.  I miss it still.

I love being a student in all my endeavors.  At present I look to comedy to release some seriousness in my life.

There are lessons that bring people into student-teacher positions that enhance everyday living.

Is being a student a good thing?  Why?  That is my passion and I enjoy learning to be a better student.  I enjoy knowing who I am and where I am going.  Does everybody?  Or is it the struggle that gives it value to me?

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