I’ve wondered about stuff going wrong with guys when I stumbled upon this topic.

Layering itself under ideas like International Women’s Day, I was reading about International Men’s Day and noticed how as a society we are trying to get people to participate in identifying problems that require collaboration beyond earning a living with technology.

Trying to stay away from technical jargon and statistics, I noticed that men get sick and tend not to take care of themselves.

This is not a matter of being polite about men, guys don’t really care.

It is fun to try and find some fitting vocabulary to describe a serious slide towards the bigger mess.

I am an average guy.  To get the words and time to ‘clean up my act’ has been a real workout.

I am talking about being willing to talk, clean up, get along and include others and a lot of ‘gender’ rap.

Yet, I noticed this is the tip of the iceberg.

The stuff below the belt, I tend not to acknowledge:  men being over weight, men with mental illness, and the bigger madness we call male suicide.

So, yes this is becoming important to my way of doing things.  And it makes a good ‘poem’.

I told you I was having fun, and I think it will help open the conversation that needs to start real fast.  As a group, men need a spokesperson, (woman or man), who can start the ball rolling for the important ‘collaboration’ needed to make a better world.

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