The Heart Of The Matter (It’s all part of it.)

Sometimes, life bleeds for us.

We do our best to overcome this disease.

Lesions on the heart and inflammation eventually cause us to suffer beyond all hope.

Yet, this only happens to a few of our brood.

Eventually, we recover, the majority of us prevail and we swim through life until our next challenge invades our otherwise peaceful existence.

Many of us are looking for a way to be.

We have tried using a ‘stiff upper lip’, salvation, and resignation, but they are not the best ways.  We still believe in the ‘will to power’.  Yet, we can not escape the quicksand that issues are causing for us today.

More is what we want.  More materials and peace of mind, we want it all.

But our disagreements, technology, and environmental impacts are taking a toll on our well being.

Yet, we continue to evolve.

As each generation passes, our evolution has made ‘the scientist’ our new  ‘head honcho’ in so many ways.

Yet sub culture abounds with city dwellers, and country living, and the rich and poor.

What do we all chit chat about?

The answer is like writing a book with no intension of selling it or letting your loved ones read it.

The ‘self affirmation’ needs more than a mere participant.

We need to think long and hard.

Do you feel better?

Do you want to think about it?

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