Obesity Epidemic With A Radical Solution

Does a calorie in equal a calorie out?

Does a soft drink have anything to do with obesity?

There is a staggering global problem.

Sugar beverage is causing diabetes.

Food literally is making us fat.

The problem is not genetic.

You can eat well for less.

The epidemic is going on 30 years.

The answer is not less food and more exercise.

People don’t get fat because of shame and blame and lack of will power.

The sugar in different types of food is the problem.

A chronic dose dependant drug is sugar.

Sugar in any form is dangerous.

Metabolically, sugar without fibber is dangerous and alcohol converts to sugar.

Stop sugar and alcohol and drink water.

Stop eating processed foods like you would stop smoking cigarettes.

Candy is addictive.

Will power has nothing to do with it.

Junk food is everywhere.

In the end you end up in the worse public health epidemic of all time.

Defend yourself.

The WHO suggests eating less than 10 % sugar in your diet.

Without all the cost of processing we would have enough fruit and veggies to feed the planet.

Without all the dysfunction in the industry and government we could do anything.

Let’s talk about it.

Work for freedom by eating no sugar, alcohol or processed foods.

Don’t let government and industry dictate what you eat.

Don’t worry about exercise, just walk 20 minutes a day.  The key is to move against the bad food and eat no sugar.

Eat less cheese and eat more fibber.

Educate yourself to learn how to stop eating sugar, drinking alcohol and cheese.

Okay the industry and government are not doing this to harm us.

The need to economize outweighs public health

We are eating fast food to work out time management problems with overwork.

Legislation is causing us to be confused about going sugar and process free.

Fast food places are bad for our health.

Is our food safe?

What is food?  Sugar?  Alcohol? or unprocessed fruit and veggies.

Is the food industry safe?  How about our government?

Question your freedom and go sugar free today.

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