Good Practice

Good Practice #1

Practice and Simplicity

The lowest common denominator is the simplest.  I practice this principle in math all the time.  ¼+¾=1.  Pretty simple rule for math.

Not so easy to practice in everyday life.  I can say it.  I can hold onto a circumstance in two ways.  The first is supportable, the other is not.  If my brother is supportable and  the wrong he does me is not, It is easier to remember he is my brother and let go of the fact that he wronged me.  This is universal or all circumstances have two handles:  the first is supportable and the second is not.  Therefore, use the good one for support.

My topic is about the philosophical uses of practice and simplicity.  I have always been a fan of goodness and ways to use it in my life.  I don’t like preaching but I like understanding and good practice.  There are many good ways.  Maybe, I should write a book.  I’ll leave that complex idea for another time.

If I had time to mention this one idea, I’d say that Goodness =  Practice + Simplicity.  People always say I am a simple good person.  This rather lavish compliment is hard to disprove when looking at my life.  I don’t have a complex problem, attitude, or principle.  I live a good life.  It is easy to see.  But I have simple bad images as a part of my life that are hidden or unexpressed most of the time.  I prefer to say I make just as many mistakes as the next guy.  My goal is to practice correcting my simple mistakes one at a time.  I do this in all my affairs.  I wish everybody good luck doing the same.

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