Happy Holidays 2014.  I believe that a visualization is simple.  I see it in my head or think it.  Or a combination of all the above.  And that is what I am doing now.  I am going to produce the first hand made inspirational Seasonal gift.  It is basically a collection of daily notes to my friends and relatives.

My inspiration comes from many sources.  First, I am a very good production worker.  Second, I am a writer/editor who likes to self-promote and create applications for others.

My wishes are that people will try to reuse each page to take notes.  Perhaps, journal about their private lives as a way to work out a problem.  Or send a note to friends and relatives.  If you can type and  you like using a computer, you can learn how to journal.

I will find a way to relay as much as I can to you.

Well, here goes.

Michael’s Journal 12/9  or   Monday, December 9, 2013   9=I=India

Anyone can use any name they want for a journal.  I like to use the date as a reference.  And  I use the alphabet and the designation from my Marine Operations Licence as a way to remember the date.  Obviously above, I=India.  I have memorized I=India and names for every other letter in the alphabet.  This was part of the course I took called MOL= Marine Operator’s Licence.  I hope you find a handy way to use some method you know to help remember the date for today.  I find it handy to remember the date during the day.  Especially at work.  I make wine.  And I have to know the date to do my work.  First, for the day of the sheet I need to refer to to find my racking, stabilizing and filtering.  And then the date will help me remember my hours and any other thing I want to remember for that day.

I like to repeat sayings that help me find better ways to do or say stuff.  This may sound funny, but I will end each entry with a phrase.

Why not send a note to a friend or relative.

In this space you can make your entry. The Layman’s Interpretation by writetothepoint

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