Don’t Give Up Your Freedom

But don’t abuse others or yourself with your freedom.

Your personal space can be used to express yourself:  connect with others when you stop to wait in a line up, try to catch the bus, or get stopped by the police.  But don’t harm yourself or others in the process.

We value our freedom of expression but need to be responsible for our actions at the same time.

Some people think time is money.  Use it wisely, why are you watching TV (again) tonight?

Have sex responsibly, and do everything else responsibly:  spend money, time, energy, other resources?

Be the best you can be:  it’s like we may only be here once, do you really want to waste anything?

We tend to cooperate and collaborate in all that we do.  It seems to work and give us freedom to boot.

If you live in a first world country:  think of a thousand things you are grateful about, a hundred things for a second world country, 10 things for a third world country…

Do we need to be told to use our freedom in a wise way?