Alexander Vs. Aristotle: Traits

In the debate, the dialogue between teacher and student is reaching for the future.  Alexander the Great reminds himself of the love he has for philosophy by remembering his encounters with Monks during his warring years around the world.  But he discusses the secret practice his teacher has shown him from his school days.  Aristotle tries to convince his student to build his mind through building his brain.  And that mental exercise is the only way to apply philosophy that is very near sacred to his pupil.

Alexander the Great:  I am a mature man Aristotle.  Yes, you have shown me that I love philosophy and that to keep my practice secret to allow it to bloom and acquire strong roots before declaring myself.

Aristotle:  I said to apply the philosophy you learn to all your affairs.  As a master of war, you have gained a hypervigilant manner to pursue all your goals in the empire’s campaigns.  This has given you great gifts of conquest.  But now you are home from war.  Your practice must reflect more compassion and a renewal of your secret practice.

Alexander:  I only use the proper use of impressions and no longer do I do any harm.  I do not act on desire.  I only act on aversion to regain my sense of compassion.

Aristotle:  To practice virtue will gain you the good life.

Alexander:  Somehow building my brain with virtue practice, does not seem like a way to regain my compassion.

Aristotle:  But you also practice doing no harm to yourself or others.  And you eat well, exercise and sleep.  You must remember what it was like to be a child.  Your child is still within you.

Alexander:  I may be able to shape my mind, but I am too old to shape my brain and body as a child must do.

Aristotle:  You must always eat, sleep and exercise.  It does not matter how old you are to find benefit.  You have been a soldier leader most of your life.  And your brain is still under this suspicion.  But now you need compassion and inner peace.  You no longer need to war.  You need compassion and peace.

Alexander:  I believe I can leave this trauma in the past with war.  I will relearn compassion to find peace once more.