Morning Habits To Improve Lifestyle

To do list like things that can be done: laundry, dishes, etc.

Energize yourself like stretches to get out of bed and stretches to get out of house.

Schedule the all of the things that are actionable.

For example, schedule getting up early and going to bed at the best time every day of the week.

Use your purpose in an affirmation and visualization.

Be grateful for all kinds of things actionable in your life (make gratefulness personal).


Bond with people at home and work and in the community: Spend time with an aging relative, time with coworkers, with neighbors, etc.

Clean up from the night before (organize home office) and other personal messes like making bed, cleaning up dirty dishes. Make sure it is specifically from the night before.

Be still or silent.

Read the important things that happened the night before in a specific way: positive events that are important to living a healthy lifespan.

Please watch the vid below to see the artists vision and affirmation bellow.

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