Calm, still, silent (a philosopher’s stone)


Is there a form for peace?

A practice then, like a meditation.

The mantrum may bring the will into alignment with a good habit.

Not self-control, but self-awareness, and perhaps the courage to be.

Will this lead to self-control?

Do no harm and learn the proper use of impression:  self-improvement, compassion, simplicity, and patience.

Connect with others for the purpose of doing no harm.

And be willing to experience strength and hope.

Savor the life given and give to life all the good life worth living.

A tender ego, striving to live in the present with kindness and compassion for oneself and others.

Many different people to relate and to turn to when finding another who is kind and compassionate to oneself and others.

Seek to understand people who pursue this character in their lives.

Don’t seek others to understand you.

Be willing to maintain your own health and well being in the face of adversity and mistakes.

Be true to these ways and you will always be content.

Be this way and progress to living a good life.

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