Bonnie and Clyde

These celebrities want you to notice them.

Can you remember who they are?

Rogue genius, and beauty liberating us from eternal sin, they just wanted what they wanted and to hell with you and me.

A mean time to live, especially if you liked to kill and get your own way.

Some old rangers like Jim, FBI and others want you to know they will get your man and woman.

Bad behaviour is in love with bad behaviour, or each other, they seemed to agree to disagree, even when it came to loosing touch with each other.

“Toothpick there knows it.”  the people say all sorts of things about others who claim to help, even the ones who killed them two antiheroes.

Shooting guns at each other to kill to have their own way!

The killers are tired of killing, that is why Bonnie and Clyde lasted as long as they did.

We learn and we change our ways.

Good night, Bonnie and Clyde.

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