The Undiscovered Self

Oh, happy happy soul,

You are uncovering the mirth of laughter,

You see me, as you wish to be,

But can not find the courage to be,

And miss the point of a man of laughter,

Who is content to be brave beside the virtues of many forms of compassion,

A partner may also be content or a child or a whole family or community,

This same self belongs to the individual or group or even the society at large,

Yet, a genuine expression of laughter requires an authority that brings acceptance to everyone who sees him,

He is both a leader and a follower,

He is kind and understands,

His openness and laughter, encourages others to do the same.

So, look no further, discover your self in this matter, be willing to do so by being content, compassionate and brave and sit among others to share your laughing to all those willing to see and hear it, as a ring of truth, beauty and being courageous at being.

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