How To Be A Better Student, Lifestyle and Person

Wasting money can be a huge factor.

To save money is to learn how to use it.

The number one way to save money is to use it less and in a more student orientated way.

Learn to spend and use earnings to pay down debt, improve lifestyle and become a better person.

I need to use the 1,2,3 rule outlined in the time management article by  The methods and ideas in this article will improve anyone’s lifestyle and make you a better person.

I am a big believer in stress management and believe and practice my slogan, “unplug each night except to read and write”.  I love philosophy, photography and writing and not necessarily in that order.

My motto is ‘do no harm’ and ‘live the good life’.

There are many experts on living a good life.  If I had to name one book, I ‘d recommend reading “Epictetus:  Discourses and Selected Writings.

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