What Life Gives Us All

It is hard to describe the truth and beauty that unfolds in our lives.

It may be a sudden insult from a friend when we are at coffee.  Yes, just having a coffee with a friend.

It can be more joyful.  Perhaps, I am grateful because my sweetheart accepted my proposal of marriage.

But good or bad, I need to be present (or not) for each moment in my life.

Change is a big part of life.  Knowing is also an important ingredient.  And living each day is simply exquisite, no matter what life brings my way.

It’s not just about personal problems, joy still felt, understanding the answers, it is all of it.

Every piece, all the pieces make up our lives.  Sure, the journey seems the most important, or that beauty that came to me in the form of a poem or short story.

There are not enough words, or a good enough description to bring truth to the heart of all our lives.

Love is the answer or what we do or don’t do with hate.  Some of us are just happy to enjoy ‘what may come.’

Some of us love to try and count all our blessings.

The energy, be it reflections like feelings or thoughts, is a miracle.

Energy, be it the power that allows us to have yet another heart beat.

Or is it the way energy allows order and chaos to enter the universe?

I know, it is life itself that is the cure.

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