Love Cures Everything, Heals All Wounds, Drowns All Sorrows…

What is love?

It is a fruit which ripens and feeds the masses or the individual.

It is many fruits, but it has been called the fruit of the spirit.

When the mind is open to joy,

there is a feeling greater than happiness,

joy flows like water from the sea.

When the mind is complete with peace,

there is a sense of tranquility in one’s being.

When the mind is open to patience,

there is a feeling that allows one to wait for all to stop or end.

When the mind is smooth with kindness,

one can adapt to anyone or anything.

When the mind is in a state of goodness,

one experiences the best part of all things and all people.

When the mind is full of faithfulness,

one is sure and trusting in all they say and do.

When the mind finds gentleness,

one has power and strength to keep passions under control.

When the mind arrives with self-control,

one has strong mastery over one’s thoughts and actions.

It is when the mind is in a state of love that all this fruit allows one to overcome all wounds, and sorrows, to be free, if only for a moment, to be one with all that can be said or done.

This powerful way of seeing the best of the mind to be the best one can be, is a way to practice being a person who is living in a way that religion and philosophy have sought out for thousands of years.

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