It’s A Beautiful Day

A frantic Friday full of traffic, deadlines and a parking ticket to boot.

A positive thing to do is to take a 15 night vacation in Hawaii for three grand.

If that won’t work, try to stop time, stand at eternity, live without time or space.

Why do I connect with nature, the pattern in the living tree bark, the swaying of leaves and branches in the wind?

How does a pleasant walk outside among nature enrich my senses and provoke ‘right action’ during this active meditation?

Why are my biggest mistakes leading me to my biggest cures?

In positive psychology the term or prompt to make a ‘beautiful day’ is a great excuse to slow down and do less work and experience more beauty in a brief period of time.

To practice all the beauty you can muster in the next 24 hours might be too big of a challenge.

My day is cooperating with me:  a great hike, a good visit with relatives, reading and writing, a good meal, a talk on the phone with another friend and relative, winding down with a light supper, a beer and a good show before a hot shower and bed.


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