“The gift is to the giver-it comes back most to him…it cannot fail.”-Walt Whitman.

Everyone is giving to themselves when they do what is right to them.

Sometimes, the right thing is the wrong thing, like making a mistake.

Why do we make a mistake in the first place?

Of course there are degrees to the mistake, but in general, every mistake is an accident.

We all need to be human and learn to live with our mistakes.

This is by far the hardest lesson to learn, especially, when the degree of the mistake is high.

You do the time when you commit the crime.  And some crimes are very big mistakes.

Yet, the harm we do to ourselves do create internal conflict that requires deeper forms of help than rehabilitation.

Life is a complex system of awareness, acceptance, action, and belief, and each life is unique.

In this sense, ‘our gift to ourselves’ is life.

We are all responsible for our own well being and we choose to trust our well being to our loved ones when to do so is right for who we are.

In general, we are fortunate when we are able to trust ourselves and those who love and support us.

In many ways, every culture shares similar principles that show ‘a good life’ for community and society at large.

During the holiday season, it is our custom to practice the gift of giving and we all believe it gives most to the giver.  And we all attempt to share the wealth of these principles, in our own way, with all individuals.

Happy Holidays and Season Greetings.

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