More Than Male Words…

People are fighting for space, rights, and lifestyle.

Is there room for everybody?

Some people don’t fit the bill.

Others have found a new niche.


The 90’s have helped people experiment with newer male images.

Younger men go for a metrosexual look:  a combination of man-bag, man bun, man-cave, and other less obvious looks, attitudes and behaviors.

People are expressing their feelings and opinions about men.

There are new words, writings, places and ways to be with or against a man.


Men are changing with the gradual changes in human behavior.

Power is starting to even out in first world countries.

People are finding better ways to express themselves.

And if this makes a man uncomfortable, it is part of the process.


Who do you want men to be?

Is it harder to be a man or easier?

Will men ever grow up or are they growing up?

Is there room for a new conversation about men?

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