[Teacher Monkey, Student Monkey ], Your Inner Baby Monkey

In this dialogue, the teacher-student relationship is taken to the next level.  Here the teacher discusses mindfulness and connecting with others.

Student:  I meditate every morning before breakfast for half an hour and when I am ambitious, half an hour in the evening, but I just can’t focus.

Teacher:  Do you like to do chores?  Of course you don’t and neither do I, but I value the outcomes through experience, strength and hope.

S:  I love to ape other apes, but it gets a little boring when the outcomes take so long to aquire.

T:  The outcomes are immediate.  You are doing a life long habit which will bare fruit for your entire life.  And you will use your mantrum to aquire proficiency with meditation.

S:  I have experienced outcomes using my mantrum, but I never realized it was a watered down version of my daily meditation.

T:  This is your Inner baby Monkey brain that tells you such obvious misinterpretations.  But you have supplied me with good reason to help guide you along this razor’s edge.

S:  What is my Inner Baby Monkey?

T:  Just sit and watch any baby monkey to see.  And then report back to me.

The student sees a baby monkey acting in various normal ways and realizes that he too behaves like this at times.  He also feels like it is good to remember a part of himself that helps him understand and accept himself as a whole monkey.

T:  Well, what have you learnt about the Inner Baby Monkey?

S:  Do, I really act so circular with my action, thoughts, beliefs?  Yes, and thanks to you, I have been allowed to aquire a better path of experience, strength and hope.  The baby monkey is still inside of me.  I just did not recognize myself.  I need to parent it when it needs me.  And I need to learn more about myself in this regard.

T:  It is wonderful to have a student who teaches himself and needs me to guide him.

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