Being Culture

Who and what are we being?

It appears that we want or need too much to grow.


Yet, to appear at all out of the seeming nothingness brings more awe than despair.

We bring love, joy and peace.


Yet, we make havoc and destruction.

There is a problem with over population.


We are starting to explore the universe.

Will we be able to reach out before we are annihilated by nature?


This planet looks very beautiful from the orbiting moon.

And our telescopes capture images of solar systems and galaxies.


We explore it all.

We express our quantum mechanics and cosmology.


We have so many inventions, knowledge and power.

But we are nothing to the same said things in the universe.


We celebrate ourselves and others.

We experience and be all we can be.


Does any of it amount to a ‘hill of beans’?

We have lofty ambitions:  immortality, cosmic deminsions, and endless ingenuity.


We record our existence.

It may only exist for a few more seconds on the cosmic scale.

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