Being Willing, Able, and Happy

A good set of skills as an individual will strengthen the group.

And a strong group makes a good job and attracts future jobs.

Teachers/work coaches have been training groups or companies for a longtime.  It is more helpful if you find a teacher outside of your company with a co-worker and prepare to learn the skills that will make you a better employee.

The family is a normal place you develop these skills to be good at everything in your life.  But a formal reassessment of yourself and family in a group you trust will lead you to a better place with your family, work, and the community at large.

Lastly, when you return to the family it will be best to charge yourself to renew your individual skills and your group skills with family, work and the community.

The kind of drive to self-improvement will just make life whole.  You will find every advantage to adopt a student attitude and teacher attitude in all your affairs.  And it is a great idea to take out time to find the beliefs or principles that work best in your lifestyle.

I am a big believer in students and teachers from all walks of life.  There are no better set of tools than reading, writing and journaling.  I am passionate about self discovery for life long learning in all my affairs:  photography, mountain biking, hiking, philosophy, work, family, and friends and community (being a citizen of the world)

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