Solitude(silence,stillness and calmness are golden)

Being silent, still and calm is inner peace.

Being here like stillness, silence and calm is inner peace.

To look through these glasses bring peace.

Bliss and joy accompany my solitude.


Yet, living can go up and down.

Therefore, life can present challenges that feel deep but painful and exhausting.

And I do not live in a castle of solitude.

I live with people, problems and more.

I love and risk all.


Who am I to sum up life?

A traveller using the vehicle of imagination.

I believe in striving for “being whole”.

Like the trumpet player, “Feels So Good.”


Transpearancy helps protect the person and the players in the situation.

Solitude creates self esteem, alleviates depression, improves creativity, recharges the person, allows you to think, and improves the focus and concentration.

In this sense the person is an organic whole and solitude is the mechanism to restore its balance.

Solitude is food for ‘the soul’.

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