The Ballad Of Natural Wellness

The old cliche of beauty and truth well up through the benefits of foods.

Those that don’t harm the body or cause allergic reactions to our moods.

There are too many types to “swear in” at the table.

Why don’t we send our mother this silly cable.

Oh nature, nurture us with whole grains, nuts, seed, and legumes.

And a modicum of eggs, fish, chicken, and beef with salient amounts of perfumes.

She’ll cast a shadow or disease at those of us who gamble.

Simple truth shows abstaining from refined carbs and bad fats are the sorter.

To overcome, to compensate, to correct all the above is a shamble.

We need to complete this task with pure water.

We work hard at natural wellness by abstaining from  desirous foods.

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.”

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