False Truth Appearing Real

Like a glass carboy full of water, the person being persecuted by lies can be destroyed.

Like the hairline stress fracture in every carboy, the person pressured by persecution can parish through a false witness:  child, neighbor, or an authority figure.

Such a victim is pushed around so called justice systems for monetary awards or enforced rights.

Such a victim is even vulnerable to the good intentions of mediators, friends and family.

When false witness is piled on victims through home, work, or nation, they are victims of victims.

Like a glass carboy full of water, the people become oppressed and nations bear false witness to protect them, but this is just making victims of victims.

This fear is even false and may motivate people to do acts that create greater pressure on victims.

Prevention is the cure.  Each stubborn lie that is held back by the false witness does the greatest good.

Each educated person who bared false witness has an opportunity to stop this destructive behavior.

A moral compass in an adult to abstain from giving birth to a lie is a painful evolution that grows from every child to teen to adult.

This is the real protection against false witness in society.

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