The Nigger Of The Narcissus by JC

He is a working man.

This ship of life is the Narcissus.

The truth shines through the forecastle lamps.

The work of art is this man and the men and ship and sea!


Crane as I might, I can only hear the music, see the sights.

Loud and bright, my sense of right and wrong delight.

Morals captivate the dark of night.

Heart and souls prat with fight.


Truth and beauty make easy bedfellows.

Morals put a judgement on the table.

Men like women never make a bellows.

The life is the source as it is able.


Tell me a story.

Leave me a fable.

Clarinet 2010

“Did I sell this wine to you?”


“Do you like it?”

“I had a glass yesterday… and I thought, I want another bottle of this ambrosia.”

“I like this wine myself.  Not a lot of people know about it.”

“I have been interested in wine for years.  And I think it is very good.”

“  Ya, I think I’m going to have another bottle too.”

She is a very sassy girl, the one who likes to flirt with the customers.  I like her too.

It’s not everyday that I get a very sassy bottle of wine for under 20 dollars.

Try it, you’ll like it.

A Movie I Starred In

Night Train To Lisbon:  Your Life Can Change In An Instant

The movie opens with what seems like me in my study and continues to a scene on the bridge where I rescue a woman trying to commit suicide.  Again, I remember this happening in my own life.  But he is not me and the suicide attempt is not the same.  But again, he is teaching a class in philosophy, a stoic way of being.  Again, I can relate to this on a deep level.

The book is an important element in the plot because the main character wants to feel what it is like to be the author.  This sense is interesting to me as a writer.  Then the movie begins to take on a life of it’s own.  And, yet again, I am hooked on the ideas that are expressed in the story.  I loved the acting in this movie.  Jeremy Irons does a commendable job.  Of course, the ending is great.  If you like to suspend your sense of self and loose yourself in a movie, let it happen in this one.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Stephen Hawking


What can I say about physics. I love science and art. I choose art. I am a writer and admire those who write books. I was given Stephen Hawking’s book: a brief history of time as a present from a good friend. I am a generalist. And I have a great passion for ideas. To have enjoyed his book is an understatement. Now I can say the same thing about his autobiography. The movie is a great inspiration. It is a tasteful depiction of the life of an important human being. Personally, I have a great passion for inspiration. It is very satisfying to see it rendered so well in this wonderful story about a personal hero.